Better walking and cycling in Hampstead: responses to Covid-19

The Hampstead Neighbourhood Forum is involved in consultations with Hampstead residents and businesses on ways to improve cycling and walking in response to the coronavirus emergency.

Most recently, we asked whether there was support for closing the sliproad at South End Green to create a piazza-like space that would help pedestrians, cafés and businesses. The survey closed on Friday 3 July with more than 250 responses. We will report back soon. 

This was the third time in recent weeks that we have asked for your opinions on transport measures that Camden might consider as part of its response to the coronavirus emergency.  

The second survey asked whether you supported ideas for cycling and walking in the Hampstead and Frognal area. We received more than 500 responses. We will be reporting back when we have analysed them.

Those suggestions were generated from the 226 responses to the first survey, carried out in May, which asked you for ideas. Read about the responses here.

The Forum has been working with councillors and other organisations to help develop ideas for quick measures that could be implemented by Camden.

There is a need for expanded cycling and walking options because public transport capacity has been cut by social distancing. According to the Department of Transport, a modest increase in cycling would substantially reduce journeys by car, train and bus. The government has announced an Emergency Active Travel Fund for swift measures to promote walking and cycling. Camden Council is expediting such measures, using delegated powers to implement experimental schemes where there is evidence of local demand. Your feedback will inform Camden's response to the crisis. You can read about Camden's responses here.
The proposal to close the sliproad temporarily as an emergency response comes from Hampstead Town ward's councillors. But the Hampstead Neighbourhood Plan supports a reorganisation of the bus stands at South End Green to make better use of public space. Read our Vision for South End Green in the Plan.
The Forum's current round of consultations on transport options is part of work by our councillors, the Forum and other local organisations including Hampstead Transport Partnership, Green School Runs, Hampstead Business Improvement District, Redington & Frognal Neighbourhood Forum, and the Heath & Hampstead Society.

More measures may be taken by Camden. Conversations continue about longer-term improvements to transport in Hampstead.  

The Neighbourhood Plan, which was passed by referendum with a 91.5% majority and adopted by Camden in 2018, set goals for Hampstead’s future, and policies to achieve them. In keeping with the Forum's mandate and the goals set out in the Plan, the Forum is working with Camden and local partners to develop a long-term transport strategy for Hampstead that will make further progress towards, for example, cleaner air and more walkable streets. 

The Hampstead Neighbourhood Forum is a voluntary group set up by local residents. Under the terms of the Localism Act 2011, communities were given the ability to shape future development in their areas through Neighbourhood Plans. The Hampstead Neighbourhood Forum developed the Plan following intensive discussions over five years with local residents, community groups and businesses.

You can read the Hampstead Neighbourhood Plan here, view the Plan area here and follow the process of consultation and drafting that led to the Plan's creation here. 

The Forum held its seventh annual general meeting on 16 March 2020. Because of the coronavirus outbreak, the AGM was sparsely attended. All those present practised social distancing. A new committee was appointed, the accounts approved, and the Forum's new mission statement was also approved. Janine Griffis, Forum chair, gave a report on the activities of the past year. 

You can read the minutes of the meeting here and view the slides that were shown here. The new committee can be found here. Janine Griffis's subsequent report to members can be read hereGriffis stepped down in June 2020 after six years of outstanding service to the community as the Forum's founding chair. Stephen Taylor was elected chair. 

The purpose of the Neighbourhood Plan, and of the Forum, is not to oppose development. Rather, the Plan aims to keep Hampstead lively and contemporary, while safeguarding the fine heritage of our streets and buildings. Hampstead should be enduringly green, with the Heath, open spaces, trees and landscapes well protected. It should be safe and walkable, with good public transport. It should foster local enterprise, supporting the needs who live and work in the area as well as visitors. And it should be a strong community with good amenities.

PLANNING WATCH: The Hampstead Neighbourhood Forum comments selectively on planning applications that, in our view, support or are at odds with the Neighbourhood Plan's policies. Click here to see the Forum's recent comments and to see how the Plan's policies are being taken into account in planning decisions. 


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At the annual general meeting on 16 March 2020, Janine Griffis, chair, promised to circulate a report on the AGM and on the Forum's activities in 2019-20. The meeting was, of necessity, sparsely attended because of the Covid-19 outbreak. The chair's report was sent to members on 31 March 2020....

You are invited to offer your ideas for improved cycling and walking in the Hampstead and Frognal area as COVID-19 lockdown restrictions begin to be lifted. Please take part in a simple survey by clicking here. The survey is an initiative by local Councillors, Hampstead Transport Partnership and Hampstead Neighbourhood Forum.