The Neighbourhood Plan

The Hampstead Neighbourhood PlanThe Hampstead Neighbourhood Plan

The Hampstead Neighbourhood Plan and its development

The Plan

The Plan was adopted by the Borough of Camden in 2018 following approval in a public referendum


The Appendices form part of the Plan.

Adoption Statement

Camden’s formal notice of the Adoption of the Hampstead Neighbourhood Plan in 2018

How the Plan was developed

An account of how the Plan was developed, including the main elements of the extensive public consultations

Camden Council

The London Borough of Camden’s main page on the Hampstead Neighbourhood Forum and Plan

Evidence and supporting documents

In writing the Hampstead Neighbourhood Plan, the Forum amassed a large amount of supporting material. This provided both the rationale for the Plan’s policies and the evidence to support them.

Consultation Statement

The Forum was required to report formally to Camden on its public consultations and to show that the Plan and its processes met legal requirements.

The Forum’s account of the extensive public consultations that it undertook in order to build the Neighbourhood Plan. The Plan’s policies derived from views expressed by Hampstead residents in well-attended public meetings. This document contains the reports that were written from those meetings, the Vision Statement that was then developed, the comments that were made on the statement, and evidence of numerous other engagements by the Forum, large and small.

Basic Conditions Statement

Submitted to Camden to show that the Forum had met legal requirements in writing the Plan


Key reference documents include hydro-geological surveys commissioned by Camden from Arup and published in 2010.

Arup hydro-geological report:

Natural environment

Biodiversity corridors

Describes all eleven biodiversity corridors designated in the Hampstead Neighbourhood Plan; includes historical maps and illustrations.

Local green spaces

The Hampstead Neighbourhood Plan designated 14 Local Green Spaces. The Forum compiled extensive documentation of these areas, with historical background and illustrations.

Forum area demographic profile

Some facts about our area