CIL spent in Hampstead Town

Proceeds of the Community Infrastructure Levy are spent by local councils on projects that help to meet infrastructural needs that arise because of development. In Camden, a quarter of the funds are available to be spent on local projects in individual wards.

Beginning in 2016, the Hampstead Neighbourhood Forum held public consultations in order to collate potential project proposals and to advise local councillors of residents’ views.

Over the past five years, a total of £812,725 of Hampstead Town’s local CIL funding has been allocated by councillors to the projects listed below. More details can be found on Camden’s website.

There are currently no further CIL proceeds available to be spent in Hampstead Town ward.

project grant
Burgh House Renaissance Appeal £50,000
Keats Community Library Revival £12,850
Royal Free Hospital dementia-friendly Ward £65,974
Hampstead Community Centre: Renovations £50,000
Royal Free Garden Project £500
Oriel Place garden £76,912
South End Green heritage bins and lamp posts £80,254
Keats House toilet refurbishment and drainage £13,830
Hampstead Community Centre: Lighting £52,280
The Armoury facade restoration £10,000
Burgh House replacement Doors £10,000
Covid emergency fund £35,656
Hampstead Volunteer Corps £5,000
Rooms to Rest, Royal Free Hospital £5,000
Belsize Streatery £18,637
South End Green Streatery £17,400
High St Crowdfund £10,434
South End Green Streatery project £298,000
Ward total £812,725
Funds remaining £0