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The Hampstead Neighbourhood Forum comments on some planning applications within the area of the Hampstead Neighbourhood Plan. The Forum's comments are based on the Plan's policies. Our comments, like those of others, are public. They are displayed on Camden's planning website.

This page brings together links to the planning applications and the Forum's comments. The outcome is given where this is available.

We also highlight particular planning issues that arise within the area of the Hampstead Neighbourhood Plan. At present, three significant developments are being discussed in the area, though no planning applications have been made. The sites involved are Queen Mary's House (Heath Street), the former Hampstead police station (Rosslyn Hill) and Branch Hill House (Branch Hill). In each case, the Forum has sent pre-application advice notes that indicate the Neighbourhood Plan policies that could be relevant to future planning applications. 

The table below includes only sites on which planning applications have been made and the Forum has commented. Click on the application number to see all the relevant documents on Camden's website. Click on the date to see the Forum's comment. 

Site Application Forum Comment Outcome
Camden ERUV 2016/1436/P 17 Sep 2018  
28 Willoughby Rd 2018/3478/P 30 Jul 2018 Proposal amended after Forum comment; granted
11 Mansion Gardens 2018/3010/P 11 Jul 2018  
6 Streatley Place 2018/2859/P 9 Jul 2018  
80 Rosslyn Hill 2018/3061/A  9 Jul 2018 Refused with warning of prosecution
13 Kemplay Rd 2015/4373/P 11 Jun 2018 Granted subject to 106 agreement
43 Flat A Hampstead High St 2018/1341/P 29 May 2018 Appeal lodged and dismissed
38-40 Hampstead High St 2018/0613/P 9 Mar 2018 Proposal amended after Forum comment; granted











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