What’s on in Hampstead

Until 28 Jan
Hampstead Theatre downstairs
The Art of Illusion, by Alexis Michalik, directed by Tom Jackson Greaves. Tickets
26 Jan
Burgh House
As Happy as God in France, a staged reading written and directed by Julia Pascal.7pm. Tickets
27 Jan
Hampstead Theatre
Linck & Mülhahn by Ruby Thomas, directed by Owen Horsley. Until 4 March. Tickets
28 Jan
Duke of Hamilton
Hampstead Jazz Club: Graeme Blevins & Leo Richardson Quartet. 8pm. Details and tickets
1 Feb
Burgh House
George Blake: the spy who hid 100 yards from Burgh House: Stewart Purvis tells the story of the double agent’s stay in Willow Road following his escape from prison. 7pm. Tickets
1 Feb
Duke of Hamilton
Hampstead Jazz Club: Jo Harrop & Marcus Bonfanti present a melange of blues and jazz including music from the album The Heart Wants. 8pm. Tickets
4 Feb
Duke of Hamilton
Hampstead Jazz Club: Jamie Safir - Piano Talk, a new one-man show. 8pm. Tickets
5 Feb
Heath Street Baptist Church
Sleeping Viols, a programme of music performed on two bass viols by Intesa, formed by Lucine Musaelian and Nathan Giorgetti. 6pm. Details
8 Feb
Burgh House
Hermione Carline in conversation with art critic Florence Hallett about growing up in Hampstead in the Carline family home. 7pm. Tickets
9 Feb
Burgh House
Sometimes I Laugh Like My Sister: Rebecca Peyton’s solo show about her life following the murder of her journalist sister, Kate Peyton, in Somalia. 7pm. Tickets
16 Feb
Vitruvian Wellness Centre
The Joy of Addiction with Sebastian Wocker. The editor of the Hampstead Village Voice will read from his book and discuss drug and alcohol addiction. 6.30pm. Details and tickets
22 Feb
Burgh House
Simply Bowie, a collaboration between singer Oliver Darley and pianist Chad Lelong. 7pm. Tickets
Until 10 April
Burgh House
Those Remarkable Carlines: Exhibition of works of artists Sydney, Hilda and Richard Carline. Free. Opening times

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