The noise and volume of motor traffic on Hampstead streets is a common source of complaint.

This group is working with Camden Council and Transport for London on practical measures to reduce it. 

Gathering pollution data

Air quality along the main routes in the Forum area – South End Road, East Heath, Heath Street, Rosslyn Hill and Hampstead High Street – fails to meet EU standards and certain sections are as bad as the Finchley Road.  But this data was collected in 2010.

There is only one automatic air pollution monitoring site in north Camden and that is in Swiss Cottage. 

To gather better and more up to date data, some community groups and forums, conduct their own investigations powered by volunteers monitoring diffusion tubes – not complicated but requires some diligence.

What this project may entail:

  1. Finding some suitable sites within the specific location of concern.  Attaching the diffusion tube holder to a lamppost or drainpipe (or other suitable vertical surface) using the plastic tie.
  2. The diffusion tube is then placed in the holder exposed to the air for a month.
  3. The diffusion tube will need to be changed over each month on a date set by the laboratory which analyses the tubes. The dates and times of each change over need to be recorded to ensure an accurate result of the air quality. 
  4. The results are sent to a laboratory
  5. Any areas that exceed the objectives will be subject to further investigation.

Please let us know if you would like to get involved in one of a traffic/transport studies by completing a Volunteer form to receive further information.

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  • Roberto Pirani
    commented 2015-01-22 08:58:43 +0000
    I suggest to have a pedestrian high street on Sundays and Bank Holidays.