Ready to go CIL projects

Here is a summary of the potential projects which could go ahead if CIL funding was granted. It is up to the local community to decide how the local CIL funds should be spent and on which projects. 

We'd like to know which projects you think the Forum should prioritise the CIL spending on. We will be conducting an online questionnaire to find out your views. 

For the survey, we will focus our consultation on those "ready-to-go" projects that have all necessary approvals in place and no major outstanding issues. Projects which are not 'ready-to-go' will be added to the "CIL Projects for further consideration" list instead and may apply for CIL funding at a later date.


Community facilities


1. Burgh House renovations

  • Description of works: Essential rewiring and structural works on the fabric of Grade I listed building to keep house open – free of charge – to public. 
  • Funding sought: £50K
  • Benefits: Will permit Burgh House to provide more activities and events for the community and especially for local children; increase capacity to work with volunteers helping to expand outreach programme to schools and residential homes; continue to open, for free to the public (1000 visitors per week)

2. Henderson Court improvements (Age UK Resources Centre)

  • Description of works: Extension to existing centre into garden area Prince Arthur Road side approx. 700 Sq ft. 
  • Funding sought: Up to £325K
  • Benefits: New community space.  Mainly elderly day usage.  General community groups evening/ weekends. Compliment new retirement scheme opposite. Community use space is currently in very limited supply in area.

3. Keats Community Library resources

  • Description of works: Purchase of books and audio books (children's books, early learning materials, replacement classics, audio books and large print books)
  • Funding sought: £12,850
  • Benefits: Would help meet increased demand for children’s materials (partly due to increased number of school visits); provision of large print and audio books for older users and visually impaired – in great demand; replacement of classics and new reading chairs for all users; replacement of broken equipment – trolley and dishwasher.


Urban realm


4. Improve street lighting in South End Green

  • Description of works: Replace 15 standard “motorway”- style lamp posts in South End Green (SEG) with heritage-style lamp posts similar to those around White Stone Pond and Hampstead High Street
  • Funding sought: £55K
  • Benefits: Would improve the visual appeal of SEG; with a positive impact on business and footfall; would improve lighting levels

5. Decorative lights on trees in High Street (permanent) 

  • Description of works: Add power source to trees/lamp posts in Hampstead Village to support permanent lighting solutions and add perm lights.
  • Funding sought: £27,200 (estimate)
  • Benefits: Would provide a festive atmosphere throughout the year (similar to outside Sadler’s Wells). Improve the lighting qualify of Hampstead Village and enhance the ambiance of the village during the evening for residents.

6. Festive lighting for Hampstead Village (Christmas only)

  • Description of works: Provision of annual Christmas Lighting for Hampstead Village. Purchase lighting to be re-used instead of renting yearly.
  • Funding sought: £50K (estimate)
  • Benefits: Improve the environment for residents around the festive season.

7. Additional floral displays on Heath Street

  • Description of works: Additional displays on Lamp Column No’s: 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32. Brackets for hanging baskets for seasonal displays.
  • Funding sought: £2,064
  • Benefits: Visual enhancement of look of village and seasonal colour etc.

8. Heritage-style rubbish bins for South End Green

  • Description of works:  Replace standard bins with heritage-style bins (as seen around Whitestone Pond).
  • Funding sought: £6,600K
  • Benefits: Encourage residents and visitors to use the bins vs. litter thus improving the cleanliness of the South End Green.

9. Heritage-style rubbish bins for Hampstead Village

  • Description of works:  Replace standard bins with heritage-style bins (as seen around Whitestone Pond).
  • Funding sought: £12K
  • Benefits: Encourage residents and visitors to use the bins vs. litter thus improving the cleanliness of the village.

10. Heritage-style benches for Hampstead Village

  • Description of works:  Replace existing benches with heritage-style to match other heritage style items such as bins etc.
  • Funding sought: £36K
  • Benefits: Provide a nicer environment for residents to sit and enjoy Hampstead Village.

11. Convert pelican crossing to zebra crossing on Heath Street

  • Description of works: Convert pelican crossing (traffic lights) to zebra crossing (conventional black & white striped crossing without lights) on Heath Street, near Tesco Express.
  • Funding sought: £50K plus
  • Benefits: Give greater priority to pedestrians and improve safety, allowing more time for those who need it to cross

Open spaces


12. Re-integration of Oriel Place Garden

  • Description of works:  The Gardens, between Gail’s on the High St and the Horseshoe on Heath St, are owned by the Council, but are closed 364 days a year. The proposal is to remove railings, improve paving, lighting and landscaping, purchase bench to go around tree, make safe walls
  • Funding sought: £45K
  • Benefits: Will create a new open space for Hampstead, provide space for special events

13. Terracing and tree-planting scheme for Greenhill/Hampstead High Street retaining wall

  • Description of works:  Remove existing poor quality failing trees that are also damaging the wall, push back supporting wall to provide a flat paved area suitable for planting significant trees and for pedestrian access on this side of the High Street
  • Funding sought: £250K
  • Benefits: Camden must repair this retaining wall anyway (it isn't safe) and this proposal would be in addition to statutory works and would provide a new public space. 

14. Landscaping/terracing of The Mount

  • Description of works:  Improve The Mount open space (green space between The Mount and Heath Street) with terracing and  planting
  • Funding sought: £10K
  • Benefits: Terracing would allow trees to take proper root, providing much need tree canopy on this section of Heath Street.

15. Improvements to listed railings on Holly Hill

  • Description of works:  Restore listed railings to Holly Hill green space.
  • Funding sought: £20-25k estimate
  • Benefits: Improvement project well supported locally. Restoration would remove H&S risk, make path safe and secure for pedestrians and restore a listed feature.  English Heritage has already given written supported and competitive bids sought.

16. Tree planting scheme for Flask Walk and Hampstead Grove

  • Description of works:  Complete the avenue of lime trees from Flask Walk along Well Walk to the Heath (£10K) and restore the full line of historic street lime trees along Hampstead Grove (£10K).
  • Funding sought: £20K. 
  • Benefits: Would increase biodiversity and help offset the impact of development.

17. Bat and bird survey

  • Description of works: Commission a bat and bird survey to support preservation of historic hedgerows, tree canopies and sites of nature conservation importance within the Forum area,
  • Funding sought: £7K
  • Benefits: Would help support work of Neighbourhood Forum in protecting important green corridors.




18. Park and Ride Shuttle for Hampstead Village

  • Description of works: Hampstead Village branded Executive Mercedes-E Class Mini-Bus, 6-8 Seater. Shuttle visitors to and from existing car parks at Heath and Jack Straws etc.
  • Funding sought: £42K. Ongoing costs would be met by the NW3 Business Group.
  • Benefits: Improve traffic flow and reduce traffic looking for parking in Hampstead Village etc. Better environment for residents and more eco-friendly way to have visitors coming to Hampstead Village.




19. What other 'ready to go' infrastructure projects would you like to see?


Please click here to see the full details of the "Ready to go CIL Projects".

We appreciate your input to let us know which of the local projects you support.

Please click this link to start the survey. Thank you for your participation!

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