Make East Heath Road pavement wheelchair accessible ... please!

My elderly father lives just south of the notorious East Heath Road 'chicane'. He is wheelchair bound and uses a mobility scooter but the pavement on the corner outside 4 East Heath Road is too narrow for it. He is unable to get to the village any more, only to South End Green. The alternative route is down Heathside but it is impossible to get a wheelchair or mobility scooter into Gainsborough Gardens.

Is there any way that the pavement can be made just that bit wider so that he is not trapped any more. Camden Council say that is "too much work for too little gain" but surely there is a legal obligation under the Disability Discrimination Act to make pavements wheelchair accessible?

Camden won't listen to us but maybe they'll listen to the Forum? This StreetView picture shows the point in question

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  • G W
    published this page in Accessibility 2015-11-23 10:29:41 +0000