Read the Hampstead Neighbourhood Plan

The plan can be viewed by clicking here or on the image of the front page.



In addition, these appendices to the Plan were submitted to Camden:

Appendix 1: A summary of the evidence base for each of the Plan's policies. Click here.

Appendix 2: Character areas. The Plan identifies five distinct character areas within the Forum area as a rationale to help support its policies. This document describes the defining characteristics, in terms of design and heritage, of each area, and includes illustrations. Click here.

Appendix 3: Heritage assets. This provides a master list (as of 2018) of listed and non-listed heritage assets within the Forum area. Click here.

Appendix 4: Open spaces and biodiversity corridors. This provides maps and list of designated open spaces and biodiversity corridors. Click here.

Appendix 5: Local green spaces. This documents provides justificatory evidence for the designation of each local green space. Click here.

Appendix 6: A list of veteran trees and locally important trees, with illustrations. Click here.

Appendix 7: Important views: a list with map, descriptions and illustrations. Click here.