The Hampstead Neighbourhood Plan 2018-2033

In this section you can find documents relating to the Hampstead Neighbourhood Plan and its development.

Most importantly, you can read the Plan itself and its appendices by clicking HERE. The Plan was adopted by the Borough of Camden in 2018 following approval in a public referendum.

Secondly, you can read some of the extensive supporting evidence that was accumulated by the Forum in order to explain and justify the Plan's policies. This contains an enormous amount of fascinating detail about the area covered by the Plan. In addition, the Forum submitted several other required documents to Camden, including a record of each act of public consultation - large or small.  These documents can be found by clicking HERE

Thirdly, you can read an account of how the Plan was developed, including the main elements of the extensive public consultation.  The Forum began by seeking views from the local community, which it developed into a Vision Statement that was again tested through public consultation. It proceeded to draft a Plan which was submitted to public consultation, from which a final draft emerged that was submitted to public consultation by Camden, independently examined and then overwhelmingly approved in a public referendum. This is recounted, with links to relevant documents and minutes, HERE.

Camden's main page on the Hampstead Neighbourhood Forum and Plan can be found HERE.