Slippery pavement around Whitestone Pond

(posted by Janine Griffis on behalf of resident) I've lived in Jack Straw's Castle for about 6yrs now and every year the morning freeze at the top of the hill makes the paving around Whitestone pond quite precarious. There was some considerable repaving done a couple of years ago as the area around the pond was improved however the paving slabs used now make the path more like a sheet of ice in the winter. I am in my 30s, fit and healthy and wear trainers to work and 2-3 mornings out of every week (in the cold months) I have to walk on the actual curb as I pass by the pond as I've nearly slipped and broken my neck on so many occasions - when the weather is really bad I have to cross the road completely and walk on the path on the other side. I appreciate the paving is very aesthetic for the summer (and even autumn and spring months) but I fear someone less light on their feet is going to have a serious accident one day. Thankfully the early mornings are usually for dog walkers who cross over to the Heath and so few people pass by this paved section other than myself and kids going to school.

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  • Janine Griffis
    published this page in Accessibility 2015-11-11 08:57:19 +0000