Remove Tesco HCV's from Heath Street

(posted by Janine Griffis on behalf of The Hampstead Village Voice) Despite being fined repeatedly, Tesco is still continuing with its depot-to-depot, motorway sized delivery lorries in Heath Street (and West End Lane) causing unwarranted congestion and is a serious safety hazard. It also effects local businesses by blocking them out of sight: Jereboams, Arctichoke, Spielburger and the erstwhile Hampstead Bazar being the worst affected. We have been campaigning for 7 years to get Tesco to use vans slim enough to fit in the purpose built delivery area at the back which served the Express Dairy, Wainwright & Daughter and Hampstead Food Hall perfectly well for over a hundred years. Such vans do exist and their implementation would not require 'rocket science' were Tesco to have the will, or be forced by law, to do so. Tesco is forcing traffic into the wrong side of the road and in so doing is breaking the law. Can the HNF find a way to properly enforce the law? Camden and TfL seem unable - or unwilling - to do so. I can confirm from first hand experience that Heath Street without that HGV and with a Zebra Crossing is an altogether more accessible, attractive, safe and practical prospect.

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  • Janine Griffis
    published this page in Accessibility 2015-11-23 15:50:09 +0000