What is a neighbourhood plan?


Neighbourhood plans are made by local communities, setting forth their vision for the local area. Planning policies and guidelines for development in the local area can be determined by the Neighbourhood Plan. Once created, the Neighbourhood Plan has statutory authority. It must not conflict with borough or national guidelines.

The local group that makes the plan is called the Neighbourhood Forum. 

How did this come about?


The Localism Act of 2011 included provisions to allow for the formation of neighbourhood forums to “further the social, economic and environmental well-being of individuals in neighbourhood area” and/or to “promote the carrying on of trades, professions or other businesses in an area.” 

All over the country, neighbourhood forums are being created to produce plans that will shape the future of their communities for years to come. 

Is anyone else in Camden doing this?


To produce a plan, a community first must set up a neighbourhood forum, subject to designation - formal approval - by the borough council. 

In addition to the Hampstead Neighbourhood Forum, Camden has designated eleven other neighbourhood forums. These are in Highgate, Kentish Town, KilburnFortune Green and West Hampstead, Fitzrovia East, Mount Pleasant, Somers Town, Dartmouth Park, Camley Street, Church Row/Perrins Walk, and Redington and Frognal.

Drafting a plan requires much work and consultation. The final plan must pass a referendum within the designated neighbourhood to become adopted. The first plan to be approved in London is the Norland Neighbourhood Plan in Kensington and Chelsea.

What area is covered by the Forum?


The Forum's area includes all of Hampstead village and South Hill Park as well as much of the Heath and the houses within it, such as in the Vale of Health. The southern boundary follows Pond Street and Lyndhurst Road to Fitzjohn’s Avenue. The western boundary includes Ellerdale, the upper part of Frognal, Oak Hill and the Windmill Hill area. In Church Row and Perrins Walk, residents have established their own forum. 

See our map for a more details.

Camden's formal approval of the Forum means that our boundaries are now fixed.  


Who can be involved?


The Hampstead Neighbourhood Forum is a grassroots organisation, currently led by a Committee of local residents and business people, but anyone who lives or works in the proposed Hampstead Neighbourhood Forum area can be a member.