Last chance to respond to proposed changes to Hampstead streets

A number of our members have been in touch regarding Camden’s consultation on proposed changes to the High Street and Heath Street.

Camden’s proposal seeks to improve traffic flows through Hampstead village by:

  • Replacing the zebra crossing outside Boots with a crossing controlled by traffic lights
  • Restricting parking hours on the High Street below Greenhill (opposite Gap and other shops).
  • Creating a new diagonal pedestrian crossing from the tube station toward Foxtons 
  • Modifying road markings to introduce a cycle waiting area and cycle lane at the traffic lights outside the tube station

While we understand the Council’s objectives, we question whether removing the zebra crossing will deliver the desired results.

The Hampstead Neighbourhood Plan, which received 92% support in a referendum last June, favours zebra crossings over pelican crossings because they are safer and create a more welcoming environment. 

The Hampstead Neighbourhood Forum is conducting a survey of traffic and pedestrian flows through the village to better inform our response to Camden’s consultation.

Here are some of our findings so far:

  • The zebra crossing is heavily used. As many as 1,200 people an hour cross in the afternoon rush hour and 900 an hour at weekends.
  • The main period of traffic congestion (when traffic queues are long) appears to be in the two hours between 15:30 and 17:30 on weekday afternoons.
  • Nearly one-third of pedestrians who use the pelican crossing on Heath Street cross when they do not have the ‘green man’.  
  • Many of the vehicles going through the High Street do not appear to start or end their journeys in our area. 

We will share with you our final response but meanwhile, you have until 23 January to make comments to Camden if you have your own thoughts on these proposals. You can find the Camden consultation by clicking here.


Janine Griffis


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