Draft Plan receives strong support from Hampstead residents

The draft Hampstead Neighbourhood Plan launched in spring 2017 received overwhelming support from residents. Each of the six sets of policies was backed by a large majority of respondents in a public consultation exercise.

The Hampstead Neighbourhood Plan 2017-2032, once approved, will influence planning decisions in Hampstead for the next fifteen years. It was written by the Hampstead Neighbourhood Forum following intensive discussions with local residents, community groups and businesses. The draft was launched at the Forum's annual general meeting on 8th March 2017, and all residents and businesses were invited to comment in a survey.

Responses were received from 86 people. They are summarised below.


Residents and businesses offered many individual comments on the Plan's policies, and the Forum has responded to these: in some cases, we have amended the draft. The comments, as well as the Forum's responses to them, can be read by clicking HERE.

The draft plan as launched (though it has since been amended) can be read by clicking HERE. The slides from the public presentation of the Plan are here. The slides include very short summaries of the Plan's policies.

We are grateful to all those who took part in the public consultation by answering the survey, providing comments and attending our public meetings. A revised draft will be submitted to Camden, which will hold its own mandatory public consultation. The Plan will then be inspected by an independent examiner. When it has passed these stages, the Plan will be put to a public referendum. If it is passed, it will take its place as a statutory document alongside Camden's Local Plan. 


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