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Which Hampstead projects would you like to fund? A year ago, we asked how you would like Camden to spend more than £700,000 that has been allocated for infrastructure projects in Hampstead. Now, we are asking your views on a new set of projects.

Money has been earmarked for the top projects you selected last year, but a substantial amount is still available for other uses. The funds come from a tax on developers called the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). The money must be spent on infrastructure projects that help to meet the needs of local residents.  

Local councillors have the final say in allocating CIL money in consultation with neighbourhood forums and local communities. The Hampstead Neighbourhood Forum is carrying out this second survey after receiving a strong response from more than 220 people last year. 

As a result of last year’s work, Hampstead Town is the first ward in Camden to have received CIL money. The two projects that received the most support in our survey have already been awarded CIL funding: a renovation project at Burgh House and improvements at Keats Community Library. Meanwhile, a project is under way to reopen the public garden in Oriel Place, and improvements to public space at Henderson Court are under discussion. So too are improvements to the Greenhill embankment, tree planting schemes and improved lighting in South End Green.

The Forum recently met local groups and councillors to come up with a new range of possible projects. We have worked with the proposers and with councillors to build the short list of projects that we are including in the survey. Your views will really help councillors to make decisions on what to fund.

The survey asks your opinion about six new proposals.  You can support as many or as few as you like. All the proposals will be subject to scrutiny of costs and plans, to the receipt of any necessary approvals, and to eventual decisions by Camden Council.

Please complete the survey by Friday 10th February 2017, and please help us to analyse the results by adding your postcode and email address at the end. However, the survey is anonymous and the information will not be used for any other purpose. If you want to ask the Forum any questions, or if you have any comments on the survey itself, or if you are not a Forum member and would like to join, please email [email protected].

The survey includes brief descriptions of the projects that are being proposed. If you want to see more details from the proposers, please click here.


It will only take a couple of minutes. Your views count. We will report back on the results soon.

Thank you. 

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