Residents express strong support for Hampstead projects

Thank you to well over 400 Hampstead residents who took the trouble to respond to our survey about future projects in Hampstead. This was the strongest response that we have received so far.

Among the eight projects on which we asked for opinions, improvements to Hampstead Heath playgrounds and to Henderson Court Resource Centre received the most support. More than 70% of residents favoured these projects.

The projects to fit new doors at Burgh House and roof lights at the Hampstead Community Centre, and to improve landscaping at the Royal Free Hospital, were also backed by a clear majority of residents.

There was less support for the other three projects - improvements to the Armoury gym, the Hampstead Village Shul and the Baptist Church. 

As previously, we have passed the results of the survey to Councillors Stephen Stark, Maria Higson and Oliver Cooper, who represent Hampstead Town ward, so as to assist them as they decide how to allot proceeds of the Community Infrastructure Levy, a tax on developers.

Councillors Stark, Higson and Cooper said: 'We would like to thank everyone who gave invaluable feedback through this consultation. From refurbishing Hampstead Community Centre to restocking Keats Library, we're delighted to back so many great community assets through CIL, and consultations like these ensure we know where residents want us to push forward. Please let us know if you would like to discuss this consultation or any other projects you'd like us to support.'

Janine Griffis, chair of the Hampstead Neighbourhood Forum, said: 'We are very pleased with the large response, which gives a robust indication of local support for the eight proposals.'

Depending on the availability of funds, we expect to hold a fourth survey in 2019. Therefore, there remains scope for community bodies and residents to propose new projects for CIL funding. Applicants need to show that proposals will be of value to the community and to meet certain other requirements by filling in a form which is available by emailing [email protected]

Thank you again for taking part.

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