Have your say on funding local projects

If you had over a million pounds to spend on local infrastructure projects, what would you spend it on? This is the sum that our local wards have to spend. You can have a say. The Forum has compiled a list of possible projects in a short questionnaire 

The funds come from a new tax on developers called the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and must be spent on projects that help to meet the needs for new infrastructure that arise as a result of development. Local councillors, in consultation with local communities and neighbourhood forums, are charged with compiling a list of priorities for spending the CIL money.

The Hampstead Neighbourhood Forum has met with local groups and councillors to come up with a short list of projects to improve the lives of local residents. 

Some of the proposed projects include opening the garden in Oriel Court, creating a new community space at Henderson Court, planting new trees, buying a park-and-ride shuttle, improving the lighting in South End Green and more.  You can also put forward your own ideas.

See our project page for more information on CIL and details on all the proposed projects. And you can see a full list of the potential projects, with estimates of the amount of funding required for each, here.

The survey ends on 20 January as local councillors must submit to the list of priorities by the end of the month. 

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