CIL Projects for further consideration

Projects which are not 'ready-to-go' have been added to the "CIL Projects for further consideration" list below and may apply for CIL funding at a later date.


Community facilities

  • Support for sub post office in SEG

  • Support a shop in the village to provide public toilets

  • Distress Fund for older residents in need (Henderson Court/Community Centre)

  • Purchase of Police Station cottage

  • Waterhouse Close improvements


Urban realm

  • Refurbish street lamp posts

  • Improve footpath in Vale of Health

  • Masterplan of SEG 

  • Improvement of Heath St and High St junction

  • Creation of a shared space scheme in Hampstead High Street

  • Improve lighting in Heath Street

  • Pedestrianise South End Road between Fountain and Starbucks

  • Paving in Heath Street

  • Purchase piece of art for Whitestone Pond

  • New zebra crossing for South End Road (opposite Keats Road)

  • Improve lighting around SEG fountain


Open spaces

  • SEG toilets – green roof planting scheme

  • Tree planting scheme for SEG

  • Improvements to Heath Triangle in SEG



  • Cycle scheme for Fitzjohn’s Avenue

  • Hampstead Tourist Bikes



  • Support expansion of Keats Practise to serve more patients

  • Outdoor gym 


For more detailed information about these possible projects, please click here


Please let us know which ready-to-go projects and your ideas for other infrastructure projects via the CIL survey. Please click this link to start the survey. Thank you for your participation!

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