CIL projects in Hampstead Town ward

Hampstead Town ward was awarded £700,000 of the proceeds of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), a tax on developers. The money must be spent on infrastructure projects that help to meet the needs of the local community. Local councillors have the final say in allocating the funds, in consultation with neighbourhood forums and local communities. In order to help councillors assess the degree of public support for particular projects that are put forward by the community, the Hampstead Neighbourhood Forum has carried out three surveys in which local residents can offer their opinions. We expect to carry out a further consultation in the next few months.

If you would like more information about CIL spending in Camden, please look at Camden's website here. 

If you have a project in mind, are thinking of applying for CIL funding, and would like to be included in the next consultation, you can start by filling in a worksheet, which can be found by clicking here, and sending it to

This page provides a list of past, current and potential projects in Hampstead Town ward and summarises their status.

Project site Description CIL funding  Status
Burgh House, New End Square Rewiring and other work as part of refurbishment.  £50,000 Completed
Keats Community Library New equipment and books.  £12,850 Completed
Royal Free dementia ward Redesigned as dementia-friendly ward with special facilities conducive to well-being of dementia patients recovering from medical problems. £65,974 Completed
Hampstead Community Centre New kitchen and toilets so as to improve facilities and access for community groups and the general public. £50,000 Completed
Royal Free flower beds For purchase of materials and tools for maintenance of newly improved flower beds in front of hospital. £500 Completed 
Oriel Place garden Open up garden to public: remove railings, improve paving, lighting and landscaping and provide seating £100,000 (estimated) In process; supported in consultation
South End Green street lights Replace 14 motorway-style lamp posts with traditional designs and lanterns £80,254 Completed
Keats House accessibility Improved toilets and paths to provide greater accessibility and safety, especially for disabled people. View application. £58,500 (of which £13,830 already spent on toilets) In process; supported in consultation
Hampstead Heath playgrounds Improvements to playgrounds on Willow Road and near East Heath Road. View application. £51,000 (estimated) In process; supported in consultation
Hampstead Community Centre Replacement of rooflights to provide improved and energy-efficient light and ventilation. View application. £52,280 Completed
Royal Free  Improved landscaping and flower beds around main staircase from Pond Street to main entrance of hospital £35,000 Supported in consultation
Armoury, Pond Street Repair and renovation of damaged windows and facade of so as to improve not-for-profit fitness facility run by Jubilee Hall Trust. View application. £10,000 Agreed by Camden
Henderson Court Resource Centre Improvements £70,000 Supported in consultation. 
Burgh House, New End Square Replacement of  doors for toilets in Peggy Jay Gallery, damaged due to heavy use. View application. £10,000 

Agreed by Camden

Electric charging points for vehicles Fit points in parking bays in the ward  

Potential project for future consultation

South End Road Redevelopment including relocation of 168 bus terminal and conversion of slip road to shared or pedestrian use  

Potential project for future consultation