Camden's new initiative on Play Streets

At the Forum's meetings, residents have often suggested Play Streets on which children can play safely. For years, some streets have been designated as Play Streets, but this has not meant much. Now, Camden has a new initiative. We asked them to explain what it involves. 


Camden responded with this post: 

In order to provide children in Camden with opportunities for independent, outdoor play, Camden Council is offering residents the opportunity to set up Play Streets. A Play Street is a regularly occurring event involving the closure of a road to through traffic for a few hours. Play Streets provide children with a safe space to play freely and give communities the chance to meet up regularly. Play Streets are organised, managed and run by local communities themselves. The Council plays a subsidiary role through offering advice and organising the closure of the road to traffic.

To set up a play street you will need to talk to your neighbours and get their agreement to set up a Play Street, decide on the day and times you want it to happen and submit an application through the Council’s website. You can apply at any time, but applications will be reviewed three times next year: 9 January, 1 April and 1 July 2015. If you are interested in setting up a Play Street or want to find out more all details can be found on the Council’s website:

Camden currently has one live Play Street taking place on Ryland Road in Kentish Town. This pilot project, which was led by local resident Isa de Morlhon, has been very successful in providing children regular opportunities to play out and parents the chance to meet up and socialise. More about the Ryland Road Play Street can be found here:


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