Camden launches consultation on Hampstead Plan

Camden has begun a six-week public consultation on the Hampstead Neighbourhood Plan. Details can be be found on Camden's website here.

The document, submitted to Camden by the Hampstead Neighbourhood Forum, is the product of three years' work. This included intensive and repeated consultation with Hampstead residents.

Initial public meetings resulted in the creation in 2014 of a Vision document, which was circulated to every household in the Forum area. The Forum committee, helped by residents' responses, proceeded to craft policies that formed a draft Neighbourhood Plan. This was then opened for consultation in spring 2017, and received strong public support.

The document includes policies on design & heritage, the natural environment, basements, traffic & transport, the economy and housing & community. 

The submission draft now published by Camden is the outcome. In addition to the Plan itself, the consultation page on Camden's website includes the evidence base and consultation statement among other mandatory documents submitted to Camden by the Forum. 

Following Camden's mandatory consultation, the Plan will be inspected by an independent examiner. When it has passed these stages, the Plan will be put to a public referendum. If it is passed, it will take its place as a statutory document alongside Camden's Local Plan and will help to shape planning in Hampstead for the next 15 years. 

Hampstead residents set up the Hampstead Neighbourhood Forum in 2014 in order to produce a Neighbourhood Plan under the terms of the Localism Act 2011. This gave communities a greater say in shaping development their areas. 





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