Taking part in Hampstead’s Bat Survey

June 2015: we meet to learn about bat surveying and will give you your survey pack 

  • This includes survey forms, full instructions and a survey route map if you are surveying a repeat site.
  • You will be allocated an area of one or more roads to survey which will include rear gardens and possibly a public green area. Since the surveys will be repeated you will need to map out a route and decide on survey points.

June/early July 2015: visit your site during the day

  • Seek permission for access to rear gardens where needed.
  • Walk the route to check it is safe and accessible at night.

July 2015: visit your site on two evenings to carry out surveys

The first survey should be between 1st and 15th July and the second survey between 16th and 30th July.

The survey begins 20 minutes after sunset and usually takes about 90 minutes.

You should not survey alone, so you will need one or more survey buddies for safety and to share the excitement of watching bats!

Your survey route will have about 12 stopping points.

While walking between stopping points count any noctule and serotine passes.

Stop for two minutes at each stopping point and count any common and soprano pipistrelle passes.

Send us your results

Once you have completed your surveys, hand in your completed forms or input your results online.

If you would like to learn more about bats and be involved in the survey of our local bats, please sign up today, stating which area(s) you would be interested in or contact Vicki Harding via email: [email protected]

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