Air Quality


Traffic – it won‘t go away. As an issue, anyway. Every time the Hampstead Neighbourhood Forum has held public consultations you tell us how concerned you are about the traffic. The noise. The filthy air.

A public meeting on air pollution
6.30-9pm Tue 26 April
St Stephens Rosslyn Hill

In London the air is killing us. Literally. Epidemiologists calculate 4,000 of us die prematurely each year from air pollution. That is not what appears on death certificates, of course. That would be heart disease, or lung disease, or cancer. But statistical analysis tells a grim story. Living in and breathing the air of London shortens your life by years. Here in Hampstead too.

Nowadays the culprits are nitrogen dioxide and tiny particles known as PM10 and PM25. (Read about them at Half of the NO2 we breathe and 80% of the PM10 comes from motor traffic.

For the Plan to include policies that address air quality, we need evidence, that is, to measure local air quality, as other Neighbourhood Forums have done in their areas. Not difficult, but it needs volunteers to host instruments.

Contact Stephen Taylor if you’d like to help with this: [email protected] or 07713 400852.

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