Protecting Hampstead's pubs



The Hampstead Neighbourhood Plan recognises that Hampstead’s pubs perform an important role in the life of our community, as places to meet, socialise, entertain, and dine. To help protect our local pubs from being turned into something else, the Forum successfully persuaded Camden to designate eight of them as Assets of Community Value. This designation gives the community the right to bid should a pub come up for sale.

This winter the ACV designations for the Holly Bush and the King William IV expired. During these extremely challenging times for pubs everywhere, it is more important than ever for the community to show its support.

If Camden is to renew the pubs' ACV status, we need to present evidence from local people on how the pubs further the “social wellbeing or social interests of the local community”.

Have you used one of these pubs in the last ten years for a social or special occasion? For entertainment, music, dining, a takeaway? As a location for a community group to meet? Do you have memories of meeting friends or neighbours there that you can share? Does foot traffic to the pub keep the street safer? Has the pub helped you through the pandemic?

Or perhaps you would like to share what it would mean to you to lose these pubs.

Please email [email protected] to give your testimonial. Please include your name and address as these details are needed for your testimonial to be accepted by Camden as evidence. 


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